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Catalina Butnaru

Catalina Butnaru

Founder. IEEE Committee Member - Wellbeing and AI Ethics. City AI London and Women in AI Ambassador

Catalina Butnaru is a committee member of IEEE, whose work was focused on raising awareness around the Ethically Aligned Design framework, and contributed to re-defining Wellbeing in the future of work. She is also a City AI London Ambassador, democratising and sharing knowledge about applications of AI, and a Women in AI Ambassador for London.

She studied Change Management at European Technology Centre, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Stanford Ignite, Psychology at Al.I. Cuza, and Marketing Strategy at Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David Benrimoh MD., CM.

David Benrimoh MD., CM.

Advisor and partner. Founder of AIfred

David Benrimoh MD, CM. and peers have developed the Meticulous Transparency framework, a directed ethical analysis tool for AI systems. it can be used by regulators, decision makers and developers to evaluate ethical implications of products before they reach consumers.

David obtained his medical doctorate at McGill University and is currently doing his specialization in Psychiatry. His research focuses on computational neuroscience and applying AI to mental health. He is pursuing a Masters in Neuroscience focused on computational modelling of psychopathology this year with Dr. Karl Friston at UCL. He is also pursuing neuroimaging research with Dr. Simon Ducharme at McGill.

His startup, aifred health, uses deep learning to improve decision-making for psychiatric treatments of patients.

Andreas Theodorou

Advisor. Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath

Andreas’ main research interest is the design and application of Intelligent Systems, and its effects on human society.

Currently, I he is a member of the Intelligent Systems research group and involved in the AmonI project under the supervision of Dr. Joanna Bryson . In addition to providing development on ABOD3, a novel plan editor and debugger, he is exploring the understanding and intuitions that can guide human cooperative behaviour, by using interventions in the form of computer game technology.

Why an AI design process

Nobody wants to build biased, evil AI that takes our job and undermines our human potential. But it’s very difficult to translate Ethical Standards and best practices into everyday work, especially in agile environments.

That’s where HAI comes in. It’s the kind of tool anyone can use. Just like Trello, Agile or Design Thinking.

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