Minimum Ethical Product

When your MVP is aligned with an ethical framework, you gain the trust of customers and shareholders. Let me help you navigate the complexity of ethics, and build a minimum ethical product as well.

A Minimum Ethical Product is safe
Your Ethical Framework

Ethical Frameworks are built by teams, based on values, code of conduct, and on existing Standards in AI Ethics. What is yours?

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The Ethical Landscape

What Ethical Frameworks are out there that your team wants to learn about? And what is the regulatory landscape reinforcing locally and globally when it comes to AI?

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Your MEP

When your MEP is defined, it needs to be reviewed by an external ethical board. Don't worry, this board can be comprised of your own users.

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HAI is a practical framework for building a minimum ethical product. If you need help with it, please schedule a call with me.

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Build your MEP

Align your own Ethical Framework with the product roadmap, and with your team's public announcements.

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Evolve your MEP

Just like you build on an MVP, your team will assign time and resources to review and evolve the MEP after launch.

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Applied AI Ethics 

AI Ethics is important, and it needn't slow your team down. The outcome of your work on ethics is only as good as your team's ability to understand and execute  on the fundamentals of a Minimum Ethical Product.

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Your Ethical Framework, Your MEP

My vision is for resilient and innovative teams to have adequate access to the tools needed to be ethically aligned with a company's own ethical framework.

If you're past the stage of building your first AI-powered product, then check out HAI instead.